The Department of Law was established in Fall 2020. It is now in the initial stage of becoming one of the most prestigious institutions in the field of legal education in Pakistan. The department of Law is committed to creating a dynamic, diverse, and professional environment that is conducive to learning and applying the law. We will build a team of faculty that combined with the depth of our academic program will make NUST law unique among the law schools in Pakistan. Our academic program is adopted keeping in view the needs of the society and the legal system of Pakistan. The teaching methodology is designed to enable our students to acquire professional skills and enhance their capacity of Legal Analysis, Legal Research and Writing, Legal Problem Solving, Client Services and Professional Responsibility.

Head of Department Message

Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan

The Department of Law is recently established with a mission of providing a practical legal education and improving the state of legal education in Pakistan. We are initially offering LLB (5 Years) program, which is designed in accordance with the strict standards set by the Higher Education Commission and the Pakistan Bar Council. We intend to offer admissions in LLM and PhD program in future when we build up our resources for these program. I invite all the prospective students of law to join us, we will strive together for the betterment of legal profession in Pakistan.

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Fostering Legal Education for the advancement, protection and promotion of Human Dignity, Social Welfare and Justice through the understanding and knowledge of law. We aspire to achieve excellence in preparing legal professionals to serve public and the justice system with a high level of commitment to their profession. This will be achieved by providing a well-rounded legal education. Our curriculum and teaching method is designed to teach students about the law and to help them develop the skills necessary to use that knowledge in practice. Our goal is to enable our graduates to acquire the core competencies essential to embark on the practice of law.

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