Faculty Sahar Nadeem Hamid

Sahar Nadeem Hamid

HOD Department of Behavioural Sciences
  • School of Social Sciences & Humanities
  • 0511113711

I am completed my Phd in Cgnition in Perception from UT Austin in 2008. I have over 15 years of academic experience in teaching. I am a Fellow of Higher Eductaion, UK having comleted my PGCPD. My research interest are in memory, attetion and cross-cultural psychology

Academic Background
PhD (Psychology (Cognition and Perception)) University of Texas at Austin June 01, 2004 - May 01, 2008
Honours and Awards
Culturally Responsive CBT for Psychological and Physical Symptoms in Pakistani Youth: Role of Religious and Cultural Attunement June 21, 2024 Tania Nadeem, Nargis Asad, Sahar Nadeem Hamid, Pinar Farooq, Fauzia Mahr, Cognitive and Behavioral Practice - In Press
Testing an educational intervention to enhance resilience and self-efficacy among schoolteachers in Karachi Pakistan January 15, 2024 Tania Nadeem, Sahar Nadeem Hamid, Shireen Shehzad Bhamani, Shahina Pirani, Farida Bibi Mughal, Asheena Shahid, Nargis Asad, BMC Research note - Volume 17, Issue 1, Article Number 24
Trauma and Post Traumatic Growth in Young Survivors of a Terrorist Attack: An Experiential Account of Supportive Interventions in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Pakistan May 01, 2022 Tania Nadeem, Nargis Asad, Murad Moosa Khan, Sana Siddiqui, Fauzia Mahr, Sahar Nadeem Hamid, Shahina Pirani, Child Care in Practice - Volume 28, Issue 2, Pages 210-218
Experiences from implementing an Lessons from teaching psychiatry trainees at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan November 01, 2021 Tania Nadeem, Nargis Asad, Sahar Nadeem Hamid, Banafsha Gul, Rabeeka Aftab, Asian Journal of Psychiatry - Volume 65, Article Number 102865
A need for trauma informed care curriculum: Experiences from Pakistan September 01, 2021 Tania Nadeem, Nargis Asad, Sahar Nadeem Hamid, Fauzia Mahr, Kanza Baig, Shahina Pirani, Asian Journal of Psychiatry - Volume 63, Article Number 102791
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Gaze patterns in navigation: Encoding information in large-scale environments October 01, 2010 Sahar Nadeem Hamid, Brian Stankiewicz, Mary Hayhoe, Journal of Vision - Volume 10, Issue 12, Article Number 28
Assistant Professor/ Chairperson Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Department IBA, September 01, 2019 - January 30, 2023
Senior Lecturer/ Program lead for MS Psychology and Conversion Program. Admissions Lead Glyndwr University January 01, 2010 - December 30, 2016