School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H) NUST is one of the leading schools in Pakistan. We are committed to creativity and the advancement of knowledge through teaching, research, and learning.

All our programs (Behavioural Sciences, Development Studies, Economics, Government & Public Policy, Mass Communication as well as China Study Centre and Centre of Excellence on Population and Well-being Studies) aim to facilitate our students to think critically and deeply about ideas, people, communities, societies, the environment, and the economy.

Our mission is to nurture future leaders, job creators, and lifelong learners, with the ability to foster partnerships, and intercultural competence to affect communities and beyond.

This mission is achieved via adherence to our core values including integrity, pursuit of excellence, inspiring partnerships, diversity equity inclusion, and sustainability. Achievement of the core values thus creates an ecosystem that promotes research, innovation, and productivity.
S3H faculty offers a vibrant and multidisciplinary research environment enabled by high-quality, imaginative, and contemporary research. Our faculty is recognised for quality research, embedding research findings within class teaching, and assisting stakeholders in tackling prevalent socioeconomic challenges.

S3H also offers students experiential learning opportunities such as gaining professional experience through internships, community service, foreign exchange programs, etc. These diverse activities not only prepare our students for various career streams but also prepare them to be active and caring citizens for life.

We welcome you at S3H-NUST