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With its modest beginning, School of Social Sciences and Humanities is currently offering BS, MS and PhD in Economics, BS in Government and Public Policy, BS and MS in Mass communication and Media Management, BS and PhD in Psychology, MS in Clinical Psychology, MS in Career Counselling and Education, MS in Development Studies and LLB.

To fill the gaps in interdisciplinary knowledge and with the objective of providing a learning environment the school aims to establish the departments of Political Science, Philosophy, Linguistics, Anthropology and Education in near future. The School will provide undergraduate program, a BS in specific disciplines, including both foundation and advanced courses, so that students can get a holistic experience of field of social sciences. Going forward the graduate level programs will also be started in these specific Social Science disciplines. The courses in the disciplines housed in the School of Social Science and Humanities will also function to meet the general education requirements as per HEC guidelines and in keeping with best educational practices in other universities around the world.