Faculty Ayesha Nazuk

Ayesha Nazuk

  • School of Social Sciences & Humanities
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Academic Background
PhD (STATISTICS) Quaid-i-Azam University October 19, 2013 - April 25, 2019
Honours and Awards
Roll of Honors B.Sc Examination percentage > 65 gets Roll of Honors award from Punjab University. August 01, 2002
A NOVEL FRAMEWORK FOR ANALYZING INTERNAL BRAND MANAGEMENT IN THE BANKING SECTOR: A PROBABILISTIC APPROACH July 14, 2023 AYESHA NAZUK , Shoaib Muhammad, SAMINA NAVEED , Sarhad Journal of Management Sciences - https://hjrs.hec.gov.pk/index.php?r=site%2Fresult&id=1055102#journal_result
Horizontal inequalities, sectarian identities, and violent conflict: the case of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan April 01, 2023 Nayyar Abbas, Dr Ayesha Nazuk , Fariha Tahir, Dr Muhammad Makki , Contemporary Islam - Volume:17, Issue:1, Page:133-156
The Emerging Concept of Community Development Parks (CDP): An Evaluation of Rashidabad CDP June 30, 2022 Ayesha Nazuk, Syed Irteza Ali Shah , Samina Naveed, Journal of Statistics, Computing and Interdisciplinary Research - Volume 4(1), Pages 75-98
Examining the Behavior in Public Good Games: An Application of Prisoner’s Dilemma December 31, 2021 Zarlasht Khan , Hadiya Maud, Maryam Zubair , Verda Salman , Ayesha Nazuk, Pakistan Business Review - Volume 23, Issue 3, Pages 238-258
Optimizing Inventory Management Cost: Case of Simap December 30, 2021 Ayesha Nazuk, Muhammad Rashid, Verda Salman, Journal of Staistics, Computing and Interdisciplinary Research - Volume 3(2), Pages 99-116
Designing an online disclosure index for hospitals November 06, 2021 Ayesha Shahid, Ayesha Nazuk, Mahin Alamgir, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine Update - Volume 1, Article Number 100037
An empirical investigation of export competitiveness of Pakistan’s meat sector June 14, 2021 Muhammad Bin Naeem, Samina Naveed, Sajawal Ejaz Samma, Ayesha Nazuk, Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences - Pages 1-6
Determinants of Informal Competition faced by Formal Firms in Pakistan: An Empirical Evaluation from 2013 World Bank Enterprise Survey June 01, 2021 Arshiya Miraj, Samina Naveed, Ayesha Nazuk , FWU Journal of Social Sciences - Volume 15, No.2, Pages 20-41
NGO online disclosures index in the presence of auxiliary information September 15, 2020 Ayesha Nazuk, Sadia Nadir, Ali R. Ansari, Raheel Nawaz, PLoS ONE - Volume 15(9), Article Number e0238297
A Micro Level Study Explaining Happiness Level in Pakistan June 03, 2019 Ramsha Munir, Ayesha Nazuk, NUST Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (NJSSH) - Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 63-86
Policy failure in achieving universal basic education: A theoretical analysis April 01, 2019 Zahid Siddique, Faisal Jamil, Ayesha Nazuk, Eatzaz Ahmad, Pakistan Development Review - Volume 58, No.2, Page 135-157
A comparative survey for assessing Rashibabad City Hospitals quality with District Headquarter Hospital July 01, 2018 Ayesha Nazuk, Javid Shabbir, Ashfaque Hasan Khan, Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association - Volume 68(7), Pages 1084-1089
A new disclosure index for Non-Governmental Organizations February 21, 2018 Ayesha Nazuk , Javid Shabbir, PLoS ONE - NULL
Contributions of Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization in Education Sector: A Comparative Study January 01, 2018 Ayesha Nazuk, NUST Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (NJSSH) - Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 21-37
WhatsApp and Journalism: News Practices of Pakistani Journalists October 01, 2017 Nusrat Azeema, Ayesha Nazuk, Science, Technology and Development - Vol. 36 (4), Pages 249-258
Quantifying the Impact of Terrorism on Financial Markets of Pakistan June 13, 2017 Ayesha Nazuk, Asma Shamshad, International Journal of Economic Theory and Application - Vol.4, No.1, Pages 1-12
Is Billboard a Visual Pollution in Pakistan? July 01, 2016 Nusrat Azeema, Ayesha Nazuk, International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research - Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 862-874
Use of Digital Storytelling as a Teaching Tool at National University of Science and Technology June 01, 2015 Ayesha Nazuk, Farah Khan, Javeria Munir, Sarita Anwar, Syeda Masooma Raza, Umaima Azhar Cheema, Bulletin of Education and Research - Volume 37, No.1, Pages 1-16
Using Transformation and Model-Based Approach to Enhance the Ratio and Product Type Estimators June 02, 2014 Ayesha Nazuk, Sadia Nadir, Javid Shabbir, Journal of Statistics - Volume 21, Pages 157-174
Entrepreneurial Education in Public Sector Institutes of Rawalpindi/Islamabad February 01, 2013 Ayesha Nazuk, Fiza Amer, Quratulain Tanvir, Saba Nawaz, Sahar Zahid Siddiqui, Shahwaiz Alvi, International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research - Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 56-72
Modeling the Leisure Time Physical Activity in Islamabad March 01, 2011 Ayesha Nazuk, Umer Ahmed, Sadia Nadir, International Journal of Business and Social Science - Vol. 2 No. 4, Pages 246-252
A New Mixed Randomized Response Model October 01, 2010 Ayesha Nazuk, Javid Shabbir, International Journal of Business and Social Science - Vol. 1, No. 1, Pages 186-190, Oct 2010
Iran-Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline?An Economic Analysis in a Game Theoretic Framework March 12, 2007 Zahid Asghar, Ayesha Nazuk, The Pakistan Development Review (PDR) - Vol. 46, No. 4, Pages 537-550
Technology Adoption in Islamabad Police September 14, 2023 - September 15, 2023 Verda Salman, Ayesha Nazuk, Eeman Taimur, 3rd PIDE-RASTA Conference 2023
Lecturer Allama Iqbal Open University May 19, 2006 - July 31, 2008
Lecturer SKANS School of Accountancy September 01, 2005 - March 01, 2006
Visiting Lecturer Quaid e Azam University September 01, 2004 - January 25, 2005