Faculty Rehma Rabab Hyder

Rehma Rabab Hyder

  • School of Social Sciences & Humanities
  • 0518863655

Faculty at the Government and Public Policy Department, S3H, NUST and Former Director Centre of Excellence on Population and Wellbeing Studies (CePwS) - "a dedicated Population research centre launched 2023 at S3H, NUST in collaboration with UNFPA, website: https://cepws.nust.edu.pk/" Awarded Best Teacher for Academic Year 2021. Courses developed and taught (history, politics, philosophy): Conflict Resolution, Challenges to National Integration, Gender Studies, World History, Pakistan's Domestic Issues and Politics, Ethics, Logic and Reasoning, Sociology. Conducted trainings, workshops on: Gender sensitization, Social Cohesion, Conflict Resolution, P/CVE, and character education (ethics and civic engagement). FYP Coordinator (BPA program) | Curriculum review and course development. Former MS Research Coordinator (MS GPP). With an M.Phil. in Peace and Conflict Studies, research interests include P/CVE, international and regional conflicts, political sociology, and gender inequality.

Academic Background
MPhil (Peace And Conflict Studies; Religious And Violent Conflicts, Cve (Countering Violent Extremism)) National Defense University September 09, 2013 - August 05, 2016
Honours and Awards
1st Postiton B.A.(Hons)IR Achieved 1st Position B.A. (Hons) International Relations, Batch: 2008-2012, awarded by Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore February 27, 2013
Debates Shield Awarded shield for outstanding contributions to Kinnaird College Debating Society (KCDS, 2009-2012) June 04, 2012
O-Level Teacher EMS High School, Islamabad August 03, 2015 - January 02, 2017
Internee/Research Assistant Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) April 01, 2013 - July 30, 2013