Faculty Umer Khayyam

Umer Khayyam

HOD Department of Development Studies

Dr. Umer Khayyam (RID: AAI-1988-2020) is currently serving as an Associate Professor at the NUST-Department of Development Studies. He is an academician and a researcher with more than ten years of experience in higher education/university, UNCCD, Mercy Corps, and PERRA. His areas of expertise and engagements are extended to Development Studies, Climate Change, Human-Environment nexus, DRR, and Sustainability.

Academic Background
PhD (Development Studies) Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster October 01, 2012 - May 23, 2016
Honours and Awards
HEC Approved Supervisor July 20, 2021
DAAD-PPGG April 01, 2010
Uni.Best Researcher Award May 30, 2021
Glacier Grafting in Gilgit Baltistan and Positive Impacts on the Community December 01, 2023 Alya Arshad, Muhammad Osama Malik, Dr. Umer Khayyam, Planning in Germany and Pakistan - Responding to Challenges of Climate Change through Intercultural Dialogue - Chapter 2, Pages:27-42
Exploring the nexus between land use land cover (LULC) changes and population growth in a planned city of islamabad and unplanned city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan February 04, 2023 Kamran, Junaid Aziz Khan, Umer Khayyam, Abdul Waheed, Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Heliyon - Volume 9, Issue 2, Article Number e13297
Hydrological and ecological impacts of run off river scheme; a case study of Ghazi Barotha hydropower project on Indus River, Pakistan January 12, 2023 Ehsan Inam Ullah, Shakil Ahmad, Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Muhammad Azmat, Umer Khayyam, Faizan ur Rehman Qaiser, Heliyon - Volume 9, Issue 1, Article Number e12659
Planning for Sustainable Green Urbanism: An Empirical Bottom-Up (Community-Led) Perspective on Green Infrastructure (GI) Indicators in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Pakistan September 20, 2022 Muhammad Rayan, Dietwald Gruehn, Umer Khayyam, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Volume 19(19), Article Number 11844
Impact of meteorological variations and preventive policy measures on the spread and mortality of COVID-19 in European countries August 22, 2022 Saira Tufail, Shahzad Alvi, Umer Khayyam, International Journal of Global Warming - Volume 28, No.1, Pages 1-23
Frameworks for Urban Green Infrastructure (UGI) Indicators: Expert and Community Outlook toward Green Climate-Resilient Cities in Pakistan June 29, 2022 Muhammad Rayan, Dietwald Gruehn, Umer Khayyam, Sustainability - Volume 14, Issue 13, Article Number 7966
Flood in mountainous communities of Pakistan: how does it shape the livelihood and economic status and government support? June 01, 2022 Umer Khayyam, Ramsha Munir, Environmental Science and Pollution Research - Volume 29, Pages 40921-40940
Smog and cognitive issues in the school going children of Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan May 27, 2022 Zara Naveed, Umer Khayyam, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology - Pages 1-16
Environmental Degradation and Global Warming April 24, 2022 Umer Khayyam, Iman Tariq, Book on The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Problems - Pages 1-26
Artisanal Small-Scale Mining for sustainable livelihood in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan November 01, 2021 Sobia Shah, Umer Khayyam, Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz , Resources Policy - 74, 102420
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Green Infrastructure Planning: A Strategy to Safeguard Urban Settlements in Pakistan September 01, 2021 Muhammad Rayan, Muhammad Rayan, Dietwald Gruehn, Dietwald Gruehn, Umer Khayyam, Book on Planning in Germany and Iran - Responding to Challenges of Climate Change through Intercultural Dialogue - Chapter 11, Pages 197-221
Tropospheric ozone concentration over Pakistan September 01, 2021 Ramsha Munir, Umer Khayyam, Book on Asian Atmospheric Pollution: Sources, Characteristics and Impacts - Chapter 19, Pages 349-365
Green infrastructure indicators to plan resilient urban settlements in Pakistan: Local stakeholder's perspective July 01, 2021 Muhammad Rayan, Dietwald Gruehn, Umer Khayyam, Urban Climate - Volume 38, Article Number 100899
Carbon emission as a result of forest land change in Islamabad, Pakistan May 28, 2021 Umer Khayyam, Sara Waseem, Book on Climate Change Science: Causes, Effects, and Solutions for Global Warming - Chapter 3, Pages 41-57
Perceptions of Glacier Grafting: An Indigenous Technique of Water Conservation for Food Security in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan May 07, 2021 Ramsha Munir, Umer Khayyam, Iftikhar Hussain Adil, Sustainability - Volume 13(9), Article Number 5208
Towards Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: Risk Perception and Motivation of University Students of Islamabad, Pakistan March 24, 2021 Umer Khayyam, Rida Bano, Shahzad Alvi, Comparative Sociology - Volume 20(1), Pages 138-158
Energy production and CO2 emissions: The case of coal fired power plants under China Pakistan economic corridor January 25, 2021 Qurat ul Ain Ali, Umer Khayyam, Umair Nazar, Journal of Cleaner Production - Volume 281, Article Number 124974
How does one motivate climate mitigation? Examining energy conservation, climate change, and personal perceptions in Bangladesh and Pakistan December 01, 2020 Shahzad Alvi, Shahzada M. Naeem Nawaz, Umer Khayyam, Energy Research & Social Science - Volume 70, Article Number 101645
Ecological corridors? The case of China-Pakistan economic corridor December 01, 2020 Ramsha Munir, Umer Khayyam, Geoforum - Volume 117, Pages 281-284
Mitigating and adapting to climate change: attitudinal and behavioural challenges in South Asia September 22, 2020 Shahzad Alvi, Umer Khayyam, International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management - Volume 12 No. 4, Pages 477-493
Floods: impacts on livelihood, economic status and poverty in the north‑west region of Pakistan July 01, 2020 Umer Khayyam, Natural Hazards - Volume 102(3), Pages 1033-1056
Assessing the Adverse Effects of Flooding for the Livelihood of Poor’s and the Level of External Response: A case study of Hazara Division, Pakistan June 01, 2020 Umer Khayyam, Shabana Noureen, Environmental Science and Pollution Research - Volume 27, Pages 19638-19649
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Empirical study on influencing factors of biogas technology adoption in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan March 01, 2020 Syed Muhammad Amir , Liu Yonggong, Ashfaq Ahmad Shah , Dr. Umer Khayyam, Zafar Mahmood , Energy and Environment - Volume: 31, Issue: 2, Pages 308-329
Effects of Increasing Soil Fluoride on the Growth of Vegetation in the Vicinity of Brick Kilns: A Case Study from Rawalpindi, Pakistan February 01, 2020 Rida Bano, Umer Khayyam, Sofia Khalid, Polish Journal of Environmental Studies - Volume 29, No.02, Pages1535-1544
Livelihood Expansion and Local People’s Expectations in the Realm of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan September 30, 2019 Tehzeeb Bano, Umer Khayyam, Arif Alam, European Journal of Sustainable Development - Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 543-560
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Evaluating Drinking Water Contamination in Post Disaster Scenario and its Effects on Human Health: A Case Study of District Mansehra, Pakistan October 10, 2016 Umer Khayyam, Ehsan Inamullah, Transylvanian Review - -
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Impact of Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project on Land use/ Land Cover along Indus River March 13, 2023 - March 15, 2023 Ehsan Inam Ullah, Dr. Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Dr. Shakil Ahmad, Dr. Umer Khayyam, Remote Sensing, GIS and Climate Change (Applications, Strategies, Solutions & Education)
Community perspective on green infrastructure planning: A strategy for green urban resilient future in the north-west region, Pakistan. February 13, 2023 - February 14, 2023 Muhammad Rayan, Dietwald Gruehn, Dr. Umer Khayyam, 6th Dortmund Conference on Spatial and Planning Research
Experts and Community’s Perspective to Build Sustainable Urban Cities in Pakistan. September 07, 2022 - September 08, 2022 Dietwald Gruehn, Muhammad Rayan, Dr. Umer Khayyam, 10th International Conference On Sustainable Development
Local Perspectives on Green Resilient Settlements in Pakistan October 28, 2021 - October 29, 2021 Muhammad Rayan, Dr. Umer Khayyam, Dietwald Gruehn, 6th International Conference on Geotechnics, Civil Engineering and Structures, CIGOS 2021
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Climate Hazards and Societal Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptation in the Flood Zones of Nsanje District, Malawi. June 23, 2021 - June 24, 2021 Maurce Chafulumira, Umer Khayyam, 1st International Conference on Business, Management and Social Sciences (ICBMASS)
Glacier Grafting: A community based adaptation to climate induced food insecurity in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan September 21, 2020 - September 22, 2020 Tehzeeb Bano, Umer Khayyam, 2020 International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD)
Post-Development Theory and the Question of Societal Matrix in the Rural Development Debate March 05, 2020 - March 05, 2020 Umer Khayyam, Syed Muhammad Amir, National Conference on Qualitative Psychology
Green Infrastructure Planning: A Strategy to Safeguard Urban Settlements in Pakistan February 17, 2020 - February 18, 2020 Muhammad Rayan, Ing. Dietwald Gruehn, Umer Khayyam, Dortmund Conference on Spatial and Planning Research
Teaching & Research Assistant University of Münster April 01, 2013 - March 31, 2016
Internee United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification July 01, 2011 - August 31, 2011
Assistant Coordinator Provincial Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (PEERA) July 01, 2008 - December 31, 2009
Internee Mercy Corps June 01, 2006 - May 31, 2007