Faculty Waqas Ejaz

Waqas Ejaz

Assistant Professor
  • School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H)
  • 0321820052

Academic Background
PhD (Political Communication) Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg March 02, 2015 - June 01, 2019
Honours and Awards
National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic January 26, 2022 Jay J. Van Bavel, Aleksandra Cichocka, Valerio Capraro, Hallgeir Sjåstad, John B. Nezlek, Tomislav Pavlović, Mark Alfano, Michele J. Gelfand, Flavio Azevedo, Michèle D. Birtel, Aleksandra Cislak, Patricia L. Lockwood, Robert Malcolm Ross, Koen Abts, Elena Agadullina, John Jamir Benzon Aruta, Sahba Nomvula Besharati, Alexander Bor, Becky L. Choma, Charles David Crabtree, William A. Cunningham, Koustav De, Waqas Ejaz, Christian T. Elbaek, Nature Communication - Volume 13, Article Number: 517
Understanding Influences, Misinformation, and Fact-Checking Concerning Climate-Change Journalism in Pakistan August 31, 2021 Waqas Ejaz, Muhammad Ittefaq, Muhammad Arif, Journalism Practice - Pages 1-21
Discriminated in Society and Marginalized in Media: Social Representation of Christian Sanitary Workers in Pakistan June 10, 2021 Muhammad Ittefaq, Waqas Ejaz, Sadia Jamil, Azhar Iqbal, Rauf Arif, Journalism Practice - Pages 1-19
Converged journalism: practices and influences in Pakistan June 04, 2021 Muhammad Ittefaq, Waqas Ejaz, Shahira S Fahmy, Ammar Malik Sheikh, Media International Australia - Pages 1-16
Factors associated with the belief in COVID-19 related conspiracy theories in Pakistan June 01, 2021 Waqas Ejaz , Muhammad Ittefaq, Hyunjhin Seo, Farah Naz, Health Risk & Society - Volume 23, Issue 3-4, Pages 162-178
Traditional and Online Media: Relationship between Media Preference, Credibility Perceptions, Predispositions and European Identity January 19, 2021 Waqas Ejaz, Central European Journal of Communication - Volume 13, No.3(27), Pages 333-351
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