Downloads Misc. Forms and SOPs

Misc. Forms and SOPs

Title Type Size Download
Fee Installment Form S3H
325 KB
Course Repetition Form S3H
49 KB
Minor Course Form S3H
194 KB
Course Drop Form S3H
173 KB
NUST Need Based Scholarship Form
2 MB
Request Form for Re-Take Exam
191 KB
Student Clearance Form S3H
251 KB
TH-1 to 4 Forms (MS Thesis Form)
155 KB
BS Eco Research Grading form Individual and Group
135 KB
BS Mass Comm Research Grading form Individual and Group
138 KB
Thesis Deadlines for MS ECO Students
24 KB
UG Research Grading form Indl and Group
97 KB
Academic Calendar 2022 - 2023
20 KB
Program Schedule for NCSD-2021
171 KB
Referral Form for Student Grievances
45 KB
Chinese Language Form
432 KB
Ni Hao Club Registration Form
13 KB
Academic Calendar 2023 - 2024
223 KB
Summer Course Form
43 KB
Policy for Withdrawal of Original Academic Certificates
538 KB