A cascading advancement in technology morphed our world into a global hamlet overnight, heralding a new era of digitalisation that propelled socialisation to a cosmic level. To meet the demands of the ever-evolving media and mass communication landscape, the Department of Mass Communication debuted in 2010. Today, a decade late the department has fourteen faculty members in total of which five are PhD in different areas of the field headed by Dr. Najma Sadiq. To bring the department at par with the contemporary advanced academic scenario and to stress on the practical nature of the field Mass communication, the department is currently offering three streams at undergraduate level i.e. Multimedia Journalism, Media Production and Advertising and PR. Each of these streams offer students a chance to build a diverse skill set. Multimedia stream covers diverse aspects of traditional and digital journalism. Advertising and PR stream covers creative and management aspects of the field and Media production stream allow students to create creative film making and production skills.

In addition to these practical streams students also focus on history, theory, value and structure of Mass communication. At Masters level the department focuses on building both research and practical skills of students and is currently offering three streams i.e. Communication research, Media and Film studies and Broadcast Journalism.

Over the decade, great strives have been made to host academic and social events keeping the departments progeny up to date and upbeat. Till now the department has invited top note international university representatives from worldwide to offer interactive seminars to UG and postgraduate students. Department has held it’s first Media display in the year 2019 and department’s head Dr Najma Sadiq is a proud member of the Advisory Committee on Academic, legal and physical requirements to Pakistan Media university, a project under the banner of the Ministry of Information and broadcasting.

The department strives to mark its name in world class media departments.

Head of Department Message

Dr. Najma Sadiq

The department of communication at the School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H) recognizes communication as the “defining & leading preamble” of the philosophes behind global communities that begins at the intrapersonal level and pullulates to constitute the social fabric of nations. Understanding its evolution overtime and the enterprising role it has to play in shaping the communities ahead, the discipline of communication demanded extensive multilateral cogitation across varying social sciences programs resulting in the devisement of an all-inclusive program that focuses on construction, dissemination, and evaluation of communicative text. Leaping to the fore, the department places an exceptional ardour in placing it’s trust & efforts at enabling the students to learn communication as a journey to a self-awareness and fosters the environment to develop professional excellence through practice, research, and ethical values of the discipline. Our department will help you live up to your true potential!

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The Department of Mass Communication will lead the trend in the country by providing communication excellence in visual, verbal and written competencies to deal with emerging challenges in a rapidly evolving digital age through:​
High-quality educational programs which enable students to become critical thinkers and effective as well as ethical communicators.
Practical and innovative experiences in the field of electronic and social media.​

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